Dark Sky Paradise

THREE The world was coming to an end. Anna stared at the TV, her heart racing as the same emergency broadcast played over and over again. She’d switched on the TV half an hour ago, hoping to watch some reruns of the Daily Show. Instead, she got the face of old Harold Buchanan, announcing solemnly […]

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You Need To Calm Down

24th of May, 1979 Tilly was on edge, but the good kind. Her whole body was buzzing, and she couldn’t seem to be able to stand still, let alone sit down. Everything seemed sharper, clearer, and as she paced around in her room, she couldn’t help the smile on her face. Occasionally she’d squeal, a […]

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Keep moving. That was the motto of the Bridge. Maybe because of the narrow pathways, or the constant fear of falling off it, but mostly, probably, because people had places to be. Once a large building, it now stood as a shell, most of its walls and flooring gone. No one knew how it happened […]

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Damien wasn’t sure what time it was. In another life, he’d have looked at the sky, judged by how blue it was, whether or not the sun had started to leak pink and orange onto the pale blue canvas. But this wasn’t another life. This was life now. And all there was was a red […]

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Bad Blood

The smoke woke Jenna up with a cough, her vision blurry. Out of instinct, she dropped to her knees, remembering the fire safety training they’d had at work. She crawled towards the door, and then she remembered she wasn’t alone. “Val?” she shouted, then wheezed. “Ben?” she tried, her throat getting scratchy as she inhaled […]

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Love And Marriage

“I mean, you do know the life expectancy of women goes down when they get married, right?” Hayley asked him with a cheeky smile on her face. She brushed away a strand of hair from her face as she reached for another handful of crisps and shovelled them into her mouth. “What? Really? Where’d you […]

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Somebody Call

Nine for the months That we spent together, For the number of times I would choose to Die and live again for you. Times ten, and you have the number of years I wanted to live with you, Loving you, caring for you, Being utterly consumed by you. One for the amount of moments It […]

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